After downloading the program you can work with it without any limits during the test period that lasts for 5 days. After that it is necessary to get a license for using the program.

When you get a unique registration key, you should activate the program. (During the registration the Internet is needed). It can be done in the following way:

  1. Choose the item “Help” in the menu and then “about the Program”.
  2. Press the button “Registration”. Information about the program. The program is not registered. User: demo period. 5 days are left. The company: demo version. Registration. Help Desk.
  3. Fill in the information about yourself in appropriate fields. User: Ivan Petrovich Sidorov. (Если сайт для иностранцев – то, например, Jack Johnson). The company: “Sew don’t be shy”. The serial number: 0123-….
  4. In this box also press the button “Registration”. The licence holder: Ivan Petrovich Sidorov. The registration is done. Nice to use!