To install the program “MasterKroy” on the PC, you should download

the software installation file from our web site: Download the file.

  1. Start the installation file masterkroy_setup.exe. Software installation master will open.
    Installation – “MasterKroy”. Software installation master “MasterKroy” welcomes you. The program will install“MasterKroy” on your PC. It is recommended to close all the others applications before installation. Press “Further” to continue or “Cancel” to exit from the software installation.Press the button Next.
  2. The box with the license agreement will open. Read it. For the further installation you should choose the item “I accept the conditions of the agreement”.
    Installation – “MasterKroy”. The license agreement: Please, read the following information before continuing.Please, read the following license agreement. You should accept the conditions of the agreement before continuing. The license agreement for the program “MasterKroy”. The actual the license agreement (hereinafterreferred to as “Agreement”) is a legal document, concluded between you (hereinafter referred to as “User”) and between the company “Sewing master” (hereinafter referred to as “Developer”). I agree with the agreement’s conditions. I don’t agree with the agreement’s conditions.Back. Next. Cancel.
    Press the button Next again.
  3. Choose the folder, where you want to install the program.
    Installation – “MasterKroy”. Choosing the installation’s folder. In what folder do you want to install the program? The program will install “MasterKroy” in the  following folder. Press “Further” to continue. If you want to choose another folder, press “Overview”. It is required at least 9,7 Mb.
    Press the button Next again.
  4. Choose the folder, where you want to install the program in the menu “Start” or put a tick “Don’t create the folder in the menu “Start”.
    Choose the folder in the menu “Start”. Where the software installation program must create the tag? The program will create shortcuts in the following folder of the menu “Start”. Press “Further” to continue. If you want to choose another folder, press “Overview”.
    Once again press the button Next.
  5. Tick the items for creating additional shortcuts, if you need.
    Choose additional tasks. What additional shortcuts are necessary to do? Choose additional tasks, which should be done during installation “MasterKroy”, after that press “Further”: To create a shortcut on the desktop To create a shortcut in the menu “Start”And of course press the button Next.
  6. In the new window press the button “Installation”.
    Everything is ready for installation. The software installation program is ready to start the installation “MasterKroy” on your PC. Press “Installation” to continue or “Back” if you want to review or change the installation’s options. The installation’s folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sewing Master\ MasterKroy.

    The folder in the menu “Start”:

     Sewing Master\ MasterKroy

    Additional tasks:

     To create a shortcut on the desktop

     To create a shortcut in the menu “Start”

    The installation process will start: Installation…
    Please wait until MasterKroy is installed on your PC. Files unpacking…

  7.  It remains only to press the button Finish.
    The finishing software installation MasterKroy. The program “MasterKroy” is installed on your PC.The application can be run with the help of appropriate shortcut. Press “Finish” to exit from the software program installation. To start MasterKroy.The program has been installed.