Working with the program

Working with the program “MasterKroy” is very easy. With it’s help you can create and print a pattern for a few minutes and without any special efforts. And the main, thing you don’t need download any additional programs.

  1. Let’s run the program with the help of double clicking on a necessary tab on the desktop, or with the help of the menu “Start”. The window of the program will open – “MasterKroy”: Model, Measurements, Print, Help.
  2. Let’s click the item “Model” in the main menu of the program and choose the needed model from the tree view. Model: Skirts, Dresses – Knitted, Classical, Sleeve – Set-in Sleeve, Knitted.

The window will open and there will be a list of measurements, which are necessary for creating a pattern for the chosen model. A sleeve for a dress. Choose the size. Save. Delete. Reset. The length of the sleeve – 59. The length of the sleeve till the elbow – 34. The shoulder girth – 26. The wrist girth – 15. The armhole height behind – 19.

  1. If you choose one of the standard sizes of the garment, the fields will filled in automatically. That’s why let’s choose the size of a man, for whom you will create the pattern. Choose the size.

Let’s check if the standard measurements coincide with the measurements taken from a man. If there are some differences, fill in the needed value in the field. You can also putting in your own measurements in the appropriate fields.

  1. Press “OK” and you will see in the window of the program a ready design, which you can print (the item “Printing” in the main menu).
  2. For the better looking at the design, you can scroll it up or down by the mouse and move by pressing and holding it, or with the help of the runner.